School Times & Term Dates

  • The school hours are as follows:

Nursery: Morning Session 8.45—11.45 am (registration 8:45)

Afternoon Session 12.30— 3.30 pm

Note: Nursery children attend one of these sessions each day

School: 9.00—12.00 noon (KS1 morning beak: 10.10am-10.25am)

1.15—3.30pm (KS1 afternoon beak: 2.10pm-2.20pm)

Registration: 9.00 am and 1.15 pm

Note: The children are taught for 21 hours per week, excluding assembly, registration and breaks. This meets the DfE requirements on teaching time.

Children are welcome to come into school any time after 8.45am.


  • School Term Dates


  1. term dates 2016-2017 (35.5 KB)

  2. term dates 2017-2018 (35.5 KB)